Hongyuan automobile has won the honorary title of "fast growing and innovative development oriented enterprise in 2017". Release time:2018-03-27

In March 23rd, the "innovative development and create the future - 2018 Dongguan entrepreneurs spring tea association" jointly organized by the Federation of Dongguan SME development and listing Promotion Association and the Dongguan Association of credit and guarantee industry was held at the Kokusai Hotel in the Kanye Kokusai Hotel in Dongguan in 2017. It is held. Representatives of honorary president, executive chairman, vice president and nearly 300 entrepreneurs will be present at the party.

Hongyuan automobile, as the representative enterprise of the development of Dongguan new energy automobile industry, has won the honor of "fast growing, innovative and developing enterprise in 2017" by virtue of its outstanding achievements in capacity, income, profit, tax, market and social responsibility.

Hongyuan automobile will take this opportunity as an opportunity to continue to strengthen technological innovation and strive for first class performance and make more contribution to the quality and efficiency of Dongguan's industrial economy.